2019 Government Shutdown Guidance – Updated Post: Shutdown Ended

Updated 1/28/2019

Current Status: The federal government is open under a continuing resolution that provides funding until February 15, 2019.

In the event of additional shutdown, updates to the guidance below will be posted here.

For the time being, business as usual overall. Note: NSF has posted updates related to shutdown impacts. See Resumption of Operations at NSF.


Original Message – 1/18/2019

On December 22, 2018, the federal government entered a partial shutdown due to a lapse in appropriations for fiscal year 2019.  As you are aware the shutdown continues and the partial shutdown is affecting federal agencies differently.  Arizona State University’s Research Operations – Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA) has been and will continue to monitor and evaluate impacts of the partial shutdown as ASU researchers may be affected.

Arizona State University has seen very little impact to our research activities.  As the shutdown continues Arizona State University and our fellow educational institutions may be affected and it could have long-term effects.

This guidance page has been developed to answers questions you may have, provide updates, news, and resources.


We continue to submit proposals as the federal agencies submission systems are operational.

If you are experiencing functionality issues with a system, have a question about a particular system, or have received a notification of possible issues, contact your assigned ASU Proposals and Negotiations (PNT) Proposal Officer or email RAhelp@asu.edu

New Awards and Award Modifications

Arizona State University may not receive new awards during the shutdown.  Awards received prior to shutdown have been or are in process of account setup or being reviewed for continued negotiations.

Award Modifications received prior to shutdown are moving forward.  Award modifications requiring a fully executed modification and/or requests requiring federal agency approval (e.g. No-Cost Extensions) may not be approved.

At-Risk Spending Requests

These requests are being reviewed and considered.  Continue making these requests through our standard process.  Risk, agency shutdown guidance, source of funds, award mechanism and any documentation we may have are all factors taken into account during the review of these requests. When and as needed, further discussions may take place with PIs and department staff before moving forward with requests.

Continuation of Award Performance

The majority of Arizona State University projects that are in progress are unaffected.  Award performance should continue to the extent funding is available, unless a stop-work order has been issued.  Stop-work orders are generally limited to projects funded by contracts or cooperative agreements.

If a stop-work order has been issued, it will be received by Research Operations ORSPA in the asu.awards@asu.edu mailbox and then being forwarded to the proposalsandnegotiations@asu.edu mailbox and managed by the Proposals and Negotiations Team (PNT).  When a notice is received a member of the team will work with the PI, unit staff and Research Operations – ORSPA Post-Award staff on next steps for compliance with the stop-work order.

If a PI or RA receives a stop work order notice directly, forward to the proposalsandnegotiations@asu.edu mailbox.

In addition, for projects funded by contracts, the award agreement most likely contains the “limitation of funds” clause.  This clause determines how long award performance can continue.  It is recommended to more closely monitor spending as additional funding may not be provided during a government shutdown.

Award Reporting

Continue to submit financial, technical and other reports.  PIs should continue to submit their progress and technical reports on time.

Federal Agency Payment Systems

Arizona State University continues to receive payments and is drawing revenue when and where we can.


Business as usual for The Office of Research Integrity and Assurance and our IRB, IBC, IACUC committees.  Some activities that require a secondary approval from a federal agency or entity may be delayed due to the government shutdown.


Status of FY2019 Appropriations

Agency Contingency Plans