Additional Considerations for Payroll Redistributions

Thank you to Sarah Montgomery for contributing the post below…

Units are reminded that payroll generally processes the Monday through Wednesday before payday, but ERE does not post until Thursday. If units submit a payroll redistribution on that Thursday (the day before payday), the salary will move but the ERE will not*.

To ensure salary, ERE and tuition will all move together with the same redistribution, units should wait until both salary and ERE post in Workday (generally on payday) to submit a payroll redistribution for that period.


  • For the 2/14/20 paycheck, the pay period runs Monday 1/27 through Sunday 2/9. The cutoff to enter timesheets is Monday 2/10 at noon.
  • You can change the position accounting in PeopleSoft for this pay period through Tuesday, 2/11.
  • On Wednesday, 2/12 the employee can see their paycheck in My ASU, and the administrator can see the salary in PeopleSoft and Workday. If you discover an error for this pay period on 2/12, you may be tempted to submit a payroll redistribution, but please wait. If you submit a payroll redistribution on 2/12 or 2/13 before ERE posts, the salary will transfer but the ERE will not.
  • ERE processes Thursday 2/13, and payday is Friday 2/14.
  • Please wait until Friday 2/14 to submit the payroll redistribution request for this pay period in PeopleSoft. You can use the Payroll Detail or Summary of Grant Salary and ERE Expenditures report in Workday to confirm that salary and ERE have posted before submitting redistributions for the pay period ending 2/9/19.

*Note that this timeline is sometimes shifted for holidays.