Additional Pay Requests and Related PTRs

Units are reminded that all requests for additional pay on sponsored projects must be submitted using the Additional Pay Web Form located on the RA SharePoint site. 

As the additional pay web form has been automated to facilitate approvals from PIs, Chairs, and Deans, units are also advised that the Fiscal Oversight Team (FOT) will no longer approve related PTRs until all approvals are recorded in the SharePoint website.  Please let the appropriate business and HR office staff in your unit know about this change.

Contact if you have any questions.

Other Important Information Regarding Additional Pay

  • The Additional Pay web form is accessible from the RA SharePoint website at Anyone on the Research Advancement Distribution List (RA DL) automatically has access to the Additional Pay web form. Individuals who need to request access to the web form, need to go to and click “Request Access”.
  • Currently, SharePoint only allows RAs to view the Additional Pay Requests they initiated.
  • Fully approved Additional Pay requests will be visible from the Funding Award in ERA. To see approved Additional Pay in ERA:

1. From the Funding Award in ERA click on View Award

2. From the Jump To dropdown menu, select 7.5 Additional Pay ORSPA 310