Additional Pay Requests

Effective this Friday, January 28, ORSPA will be sunsetting the Additional Pay web form currently available on the O365 OKED RA Community SharePoint site. No new additional pay requests will be able to be submitted via this SharePoint site. The additional pay information that is currently on this site will remain available for viewing. Please use the ORSPA Additional Pay 310 fillable PDF form to submit additional pay requests and email it along with proof of sponsor approval and any other backup documents to [email protected]. The form can be found on the Research Admin. website under Forms and Templates: Additional pay instructions, Research Admin: WI-EP-130, are being updated. Beginning next week your new contact for sponsored project additional pay and allowance pay requests and related PTRs will be Jiasi (Jessie) Chen (Sylvia Myers will be retiring). Please share this information with your HR/payroll staff.