RESOLVED: After-The-Fact Review Report Data Refresh Delayed

Payroll data refresh for After-The-Fact (ATF) Review Reports was temporarily suspended in September to accommodate the building of the new sponsored data warehouse. We want to share with the RA community that payroll data was updated this week with payroll redistributions that have posted to Workday. Please review any outstanding reports you are responsible for and reach out to PIs for review and acknowledgement.

The following tools are now available to help you manage outstanding ATF reports.

ATF Review Report Viewer

ATF Review Report History

For questions please contact ATF-q.


Original Post

KE is in the process of building the new Sponsored Data Warehouse. As part of this process, data for ATF Review Reports will not be updated for the next three weeks. This delay in refreshing the data means that processed payroll redistributions and other changes will not be reflected in the report even if they have correctly posted to Workday.

Units are advised that PIs should not acknowledge inaccurate ATF Review Reports. If the report appears inaccurate due to delay in the data refresh, PIs should wait until the data has been properly updated.

We will send an update once the issue has been resolved. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this delay.

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