Allocating P-Card Charges in PaymentNet

P-Card purchases post to PaymentNet based on the mapping of the item’s default spend category and the vendor’s Merchant Category Code. PaymentNet is a web-based management tool offered by JPMorgan. The P-Card office has provided the following guidance on allocating P-Card charges to the correct FMS spend category, etc. This information is available in Purchasing Card Best Practices at and P-Card Users Guide at .

The time frame to allocate P-card charges to the correct spend category, department reporting, department reporting roll, add optional worktags, etc., is a minimum of 5 business days or 7 calendar days, and can be as much as 11 calendar days. This time frame has been in place for many years and cannot be extended at this time.

P-card transactions are exported from PaymentNet into FMS on the following Friday from the post date. (i.e., if the post date is Fri., Nov. 6 the transaction will be exported to FMS on Fri., Nov. 13 (5 business days/7 calendar days)).