ASU Purchasing Guidance: Named Consultants, Contractors/Suppliers (previously Vendors) on Federal Awards

UPDATED 8/11/2021 to incorporate the latest micro-purchase threshold.

The Uniform Guidance – 2 CFR 200 (UG) applies to all federal awards and consolidates administrative, cost principles and audit requirements to reduce administrative burden.   Over the last month or so a few questions have come in on requested documentation from our ASU Purchasing team.  We connected with our Purchasing colleagues to provide the following clarifications.

All Consultants, Contractors/Suppliers are subject to the University Procurement Code (ABOR), University and federal procurement policies, outlined in the Purchasing and Business Services Policy Manual.

For Consultants, Contractors/Suppliers that are known and named at time of proposal, the only documentation required by ASU Purchasing is the following:

  1. Sponsor approved budget justification or project narrative showing  that the supplier was named in the proposal.
    • The entire proposal or grant award document is not needed
  2. Award document, sponsor-ASU email exchange or other written support showing that the  sponsor approved the proposal which included named consultant, contractor/supplier,
  3. A note in the Workday requisition internal memo stating “Named Supplier.”
Purchases with Federal dollarsCompetition Requirements*
Below $25,000no competition required; reasonable price; distribute/rotate purchases if practicable; utilize small business
$25,000 – $100,000Existing award Multiple quotes
More than $100,000Existing award Formal solicitation
$250,000 and aboveIndependent Cost Estimate Formal solicitation Technical Evaluation criteria Price/Cost Analysis Negotiation of Profit
*when a supplier is named in the grant proposal and is basis for an award, additional competition is not necessary. Include the appropriate information from the proposal and award as support when completing a requisition.

See also PUR 301: methods of Procurement and Dollar Limits

Checklist for Purchasing with Federal Funds