At-Risk Request Process Update

In order to streamline the review and approval of all at-risk requests, the following process changes will go into effect 01/14/2019:

  1. ASU At-Risk Request Form. At-Risk requests will no longer require the use of the ORSPA Action Form (OAF). Instead, all at-risk requests will require the use of the ASU At-Risk Request Form following the instructions included on page 2 of the document.
  2. Updated At-Risk Request Processing Flow. PNT will review and approve all at-risk requests (pre- and post-award). AMT will continue the activation process. The updated at-risk request processing flow is as follows:

3. Post-Award At-Risk Requests will now be submitted via ERA. Units will no longer have to send at-risk request to

Units are encouraged to review the new At-Risk Request Form and instructions in their entirety. Units are also encouraged to review the At-Risk Request Process FAQs. This will have no effect on requests already in process. For any questions about the form or the new process please contact:

Lindsey Bosak

Kimberly Habiger

Samantha Munguia