ATF Reports and Payroll Redistributions

Once an ATF report has been acknowledged for a certain reporting period, any payroll redistributions to/from the sponsored account during that reporting period require an approved ATF exception request. When an ATF report has been reviewed and acknowledged by a PI, the salaries and wages for that reporting period are considered confirmed. When ORSPA approves payroll cost transfers to/from sponsored accounts that have had the ATF semester report acknowledged, it reopens the report for the PI to review and acknowledge and increases audit risk.

If you need to submit payroll redistribution requests to/from accounts that have had the semester ATF report acknowledged, please meet with Samantha Munguia at your earliest convenience. If you already have an approved ATF exception request, please forward a copy of the approved request to [email protected] so that your payroll redistribution requests may be approved.

Example: GR12345/AWD00054321

ATF Reporting Period: 05/17/2021 – 08/08/2021 (Summer 2021)

ATF Review and Acknowledge Window: 09/07/2021 – 11/12/2021

ATF Acknowledged for GR12345 on 11/01/2021

Since the ATF report for the Summer 2021 reporting period has been acknowledged for this sponsored account, any payroll redistributions that are to/from this account with a pay period in the range of 5/17/2021 – 8/8/2021 require an approved ATF exception request.  

ATF Exception Request Process:

  1. Schedule a 25-minute Zoom or Teams meeting with Samantha Munguia
    • View Sam’s Shared Calendar in Microsoft Outlook and select a time that is most convenient for you to meet.
  2. Include the following information in the meeting invite:
  • PDF copy of the payroll redistribution(s) OR a spreadsheet
    • Ensure the spreadsheet includes the following:
      • Name of the employee(s) whose pay needs to be transferred
      • Which pay period/range of pay periods need to be transferred
      • Where the pay will be transferred from/to
      • Amount of pay to be transferred
  • Brief summary of why the following did not catch the exception earlier:
    • Monthly account reconciliations
    • Regular meetings with the PI
    • After the Fact semester reviews by the PI