Award Change Request Process Moving to ERA in 2020

As announced at the December 4th Research Operations All Hands Meeting, the process for units to request changes to existing awards is moving to ERA in early 2020. To learn more about this exciting transition and how it will impact you, please read below:

Current Process Limitations

Currently, units wanting to initiate award changes must complete an ORSPA Action Form (OAF) or Investigators and/or Allocations Changes Form (IAC) and submit to following the Manage Change process outlined in WI-EP-130.

The current process is highly manual and lacks a streamlined workflow to capture internal approvals and backup documentation as the process is spread over multiple systems, it relies heavily on email and SharePoint. Additionally, there is limited visibility to track the status of pending award changes.

New ERA Award Change Request Process

KE Research Operations has been working on redesigning the ERA Awards module to fully and efficiently support award change requests. The new ERA Award Change Request Process is anticipated to launch January 28, 2020 and will provide the following functionality:

  1. Requests for Award Changes, Post-Award At-Risks and Investigator Allocation Changes will be initiated and submitted directly in ERA using the Award Change Request SmartForm. The ORSPA Action Form, Post-Award At-Risk Request Form and IAC form will no longer be necessary for this type of requests.
  2. All request will be routed for internal approvals within ERA (PI, Cost Center Manager, PNT). Email approvals and digital signatures will no longer be necessary.
  3. Investigator Allocation Changes will be automatically executed in the system upon completion of Department Reviews in ERA.
  4. To facilitate tracking the progress of unit-initiated award change requests, RAs will now have an enhanced RA Dashboard that will display in-progress and completed award change requests for their unit(s).
Anticipated Implementation Timeline

The target implementation date for the new ERA Award Change Request Process is January 28, 2020.

Due to the implementation, AMT will not be able to process any modifications after 12PM on January 24, 2020. Modification processing using the new process will begin the morning of January 28, 2020. We are currently in the process of completing User Acceptance Testing with Research Operations staff and members of the RA Community.

Training Resources for the RA Community

We are currently working on developing training materials and other resources to help the RA community transition to the new process. Resources will include a resource guide, Work Instructions, Help Text and Walkthroughs.

Hands-on training labs with Research Operations staff will be hosted in early January to allow RAs to use the system and ask questions. Dates/location of training labs will be communicated to the RA Community as we get closer to implementation. For questions or recommendations, please contact Nick Petersen at

 Additional Information

To see the ERA Award Modification Request slides from the All Hands Meeting click here.