Award Management Team Structure

Changes for the new Award Management Team (AMT) structure have been completed and are now reflected in ERA and Workday. ERA will now display the Service Liaison in the AMT Grant + Contract Officer (GCO) field for all awards. You can begin working with your new team and the individuals in each role today. Included below is additional information on each GCO role and how best to utilize their services.

AMT Organizational Chart

  • Service Liaison – The primary focus for this individual is to ensure that our customers have a positive experience working with AMT. We are dedicated to improving our response times and resolving problems in a timely manner. If you have a question regarding a specific task and you know who is working on that task please feel free to contact that individual directly. It is not necessary to route all communication to AMT through the Service Liaison. If you are ever unsure who to contact then the Service Liaison should be your go to person.
  • Award Setup – Individuals in this role will primarily focus on setting up new awards once they have been fully executed. Our goal is to expedite this process to ensure that everything is in the system as quickly as possible.
  • Award Change – There will be two individuals assigned to this role on each team. As they begin working on a modification they will assign it to themselves so you can see who is actively working on tasks through your My Items in ORSPA view.
  • Award Monitoring –This individual will be the Award Management Specialist in Workday that will review and approve all items that route to AMT for approval. They will review all transactions with the same level of scrutiny to ensure that all transactions are being treated consistently.
  • Fiscal Reporting – This individual will be completing all required invoices and financial reports that are required on sponsored projects. They will be utilizing Workday to generate invoices that are being sent to sponsors.


Each team has a Team Lead that will be working to streamline processing while evaluating the needs of our customer and adjusting strategy to meet customer needs.