Award Modifications and My Items in ORSPA

All Award Modifications are tracked on the RA SharePoint site under My Items in ORSPA. By default, you will be able to see all Award Modifications for which you are listed as an RA Contact. Below are some helpful tips for accessing and searching My Items in ORSPA.

Accessing My Items in ORSPA

You can access MIIO by using the My Items in ORSPA direct link.


You can access MIIO by clicking on the My Items in ORSPA tile located on the RA SharePoint Home Page:

My Modifications Activity
The Modifications Activity section of My Items in ORSPA will default to My Modifications Activity view. This includes any Award Modifications in progress for which you are listed as an RA contact.

To see more detailed information about the Award Modification, you can open the task by clicking directly on the Award Number:

Within the task detail, you will be able to see more information including the person assigned to the task and task history:

Award Modifications Not in My Modifications Activity
If the Award Modification you are trying to view is not listed under My Modifications Activity, it could be due to one of the following:

• You might not be listed as an RA contact on the Award; or
• A task has not yet been created for the Award Modification

To search for an Award Modification for Award where you are not listed as an RA contact:

  1. From the My Items in ORSPA page, click on the Select All link located above the My Modifications Activity drop down menu. This will open a new page.

2. On the new page, click the My Modifications Activity drop down and select All Item

3. In the Filters Pane located on the right side of the screen, scroll down to the Award Number section and click on See All:

4. Enter the Award number for the Modification you are trying to find in the search box and click on the corresponding Award number populated in the results bar.

5. Click Apply

Other Considerations:

  • You can also search/filter by RA, Type of Action Required and Status.
  • The award number used in SharePoint is the same as the last six digits of the ERA Award number. The ERA award number AWD00031292 will be listed as 031292 in SharePoint.
  • An Award Modification task will be created within two business days from the date AMT receives the Award Modification request. If you cannot find the Award Modification task under your My Modifications Activity, make sure you search All Items before contacting your GCO to check on the status of your request.
  • New Award Setup tasks are found in ERA, not MIIO. This includes pre-award at-risk accounts that have already been established and a task is needed to relieve the at-risk status after the Notice of Award is received.