Best Practice for Proposal that Cross Over Calendar/Fiscal Years

Did you know that when updates are made to rates (travel, ERE, salary, etc.) ERA does not automatically update rates for proposals created before the release of the changes.  If you create a proposal before the start of a new calendar or fiscal year, you might want to check the following:

  • Fringe Benefit Rates: on Budget Smartform 1.2 (F&A Rate Determination), check question 10.0 to make sure the most current date is listed
  • Changes in Pay: on Budget Smartform 3.0 (Personnel), for any named personnel, use the dropdown list to select a different name, then change back to the person for that line and any changes in salary information should update
  • Changes in Travel Rates: on Budget Smartform 3.2 (Travel), you can clear the destinations listed and then re-add it back in.  Or you can check the current domestic, Alaska/Hawaii/US Territories or international rates to make sure ERA is correct.  These rates can be manually updated if needed.