Budget Check in Workday

Budget check options in Workday are configured for each individual award. Currently, budget check occurs at the ledger account level instead of the grant level. This means that if you have a remaining grant balance of $10,000 but you overspend Materials & Supplies by $1, you would have to request override approval. As a result, budget check options have been defaulted to “Warn”. However, even with warn, the initiator of the transaction has to “override” the warning value and then resubmit the transaction, resulting in unnecessary steps. There is also a bug in Workday that results in stuck transactions if an award budget and a financial budget are impacted in the same journal.

To streamline the transaction process budget check options will be removed from all awards, streamlining the transaction process. AMT will no longer automatically configure budget check options at activation. AMT will continue to monitor awards that are entering a deficit and will have the option to selectively set a budget check to control for an individual award. Departments can also request AMT to place a control budget check for an award in unique circumstances


When will this change be implemented?

Effective August 31, 2018

How do I know if any of my requests was affected by this glitch?

Financial Services was monitoring this issue. Any transactions affected by the glitch have been resolved.

How should units request AMT to place control budget checks?

Units will need to reach out to their assigned AMT Customer Service Liaison.

Can I request a budget check to be applied to just one specific grant?

No. Budget checks are applied at the Award level so all Grants associated with the Award would be affected.