Build A World of Play Challenge

Update 4/22/2022: new content highlighted in gold was added to the Application and Internal ERA Processing accordions.

Applications for The LEGO Foundation’s Build A World of Play competition due on May 17th, 2022 at 4:00PM CT (2:00PM AZ Time). Departments, schools, centers, and institutes based in a college/university can each submit separately as the Lead Organization on one application, only if the proposed solutions are different and separate.

Any departments that have registered in the Submittable portal but have not yet been selected through ASU’s internal Limited Submission (LS) process should immediately reach out to [email protected].

The Build A World Of Play Challenge Team is hosting a live Q&A Webinar tomorrow, April 13th, at 7AM Arizona Time. During the webinar, they will provide an overview of the Challenge, conduct a demonstration of the application platform, and answer any questions applicants have about the process. Register now. (Recording will be made available afterwards).

A few things to keep in mind while preparing Build a World of Play applications:

Each PI should have created their own account in Submittable and registered for the competition prior to the April 7th deadline.

Although registration has closed, users can use the Edit functionality to update any registration data, and the following entries should be made for these specific sections:

  •  Lead Organization Legal Name: Arizona State University Foundation for A New American University: Unit’s Name (or Arizona State University: Unit’s Name, if character limit is exceeded)
  • Lead Organization Address: P.O. Box 2260 Tempe, AZ 85280-2260
  • Lead Organization Website/Social Media Page: Use department’s webpage
  • Primary Contact Name: PI’s Information
  • Secondary Contact Name: Co-PI’s Information
  • Organization Legal Status: An entity that is registered and recognized under the law of the applicable jurisdiction as a non-governmental organization, an educational organization, a charitable organization, a social welfare organization, a not-for-profit organization, or similar-type entity that is not a for-profit organization or agency.”

It is fine to accept the Rules, Terms and Conditions of the competition. The ASUF Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (OCFR) has reviewed and found the terms acceptable. Separate terms and conditions will be reviewed and negotiated if/when a grant agreement is awarded.

The application must be submitted via the PI’s (or RA's) Submittable account.

The application deadline is May 17th, 2022 @ 4:00PM CT (2:00PM AZ Time).

If technical assistance is needed, contact Submittable’s Customer Support team using the form at the bottom of the Build a World of Play FAQ page.

The budget request will be in Danish Kroner (DKK). The total budget amount entered into the sponsor application should equal DKK 200 million. While the conversion rates provided in the application are USD:DKK - 6.26, LEGO Foundation has confirmed via email and webinar that they are considering DKK 200 million to equal 30 million USD. This means that the conversation rate is approximately 6.667.

  • Note: Currency values rise and fall. When ASU engages in international business transactions, a swing in currency value can affect a project's final cost. What is initially budgeted for a project may become inadequate and may then result in a principal investigator’s department having to fund a project to ensure its completion. (See Global Operations FAQs > Currency)

Cost sharing is not required and should not be included. The Total Projected Costs should be limited to the amount of funding being requested from The LEGO Foundation/competition.

The LEGO Foundation’s Indirect Cost Policy lists an F&A limit of 15% of Total Direct Costs (TDC).

The Annual Operating Budget in the proposal should be the department's annual operating budget rather than ASU Foundations.

The Full Time Employees question should use the number of full-time employees in the applying department rather than ASU Foundation's.

The Lead Organization Government Issued Identification Number will be ASU Foundation's EIN number: 86-6051042.

Finalists will be selected in September 2022.

Finalists will each receive a $1 million planning grant.

Awardees will be selected by the end of 2022.

Keep in mind: If more than one organization is working together, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required if/when selected as a finalist

For internal ERA processing, please use the following guidance:

Prepare a full ERA Funding Proposal (FP) with a total budget of $1M.

List the Direct Sponsor: Arizona State University Foundation (ASUF)

List the Prime/Originating Sponsor: The LEGO Foundation

Funding Opportunity Announcement Title: 2022 Build A World Of Play Challenge

Funding Opportunity Announcement Number: 2022 Build A World Of Play Challenge

Enter in a $1 million budget in ERA. (If the proposal makes it as a finalist and receives the $1 million planning grant, the RA will later create a revision/new FP to capture the additional ~$30 million).

  • Since the proposal requires that the $30 million budget be included at proposal time, a Simulation Budget can be used to draft this within the same FP. This will also expedite the REV process, if funded.

Enter 15% TDC for the F&A Rate in the ERA Funding Proposal budget smartform 1.2 F&A Rate Determination Question 4.0. Upload a PDF of the LEGO Foundation’s IDC Policy as the Sponsor Published Policy.

The new Charitable Grant Guidelines apply to Build a World of Play proposals.

Note: the specific items above are meant to supplement (and not replace) the Develop Proposal work instructions, which should always be followed.