Changes Are Coming for the ASU-ASUF Charitable Grant Guidelines

3/29/2022 – A revised ASU-ASUF Fee Memo has been finalized, and the Charitable Grant Guidelines are being updated.

All charitable grant proposals submitted on or after May 9, 2022 will include: 1) an indirect cost or fee calculated at the maximum rate permitted by the granting organization, per the donor’s *published policy; 2) a research administration direct cost line item where possible and appropriate; and 3) applicable project cost line items, normally funded through F&A recovery, added as direct costs whenever possible and appropriate.

  • *Letters signed by donor organizations will no longer be accepted in lieu of a published indirect rate limitation.

Additional details and written guidance will be available for discussion at the April Change Management Board (CMB) meeting before implementation, and a subsequent RA Seminar will be scheduled soon.