Coming May 2020: Change Management Board Newsletter

We are excited to share that Research Operations News will have a new monthly feature, the Change Management Board Newsletter. The CMB newsletter will provide highlights of upcoming improvements and other changes that will have future impact on the Research Advancement community. To learn more about CMB and this new Research Operations feature, read our FAQs below:


What is the Change Management Board?

As part of the pursuit of quality and continuous improvement, changes and enhancements to existing ASU Research Operations processes and systems must go through a structured and formal change management review process. The KE Research Operations Change Management Board, or CMB, serves as the mechanism and forum to review, approve, implement and communicate changes and information that impact research operations.

Under the direction of Executive Director, Heather Clark, and facilitated by Natalia Diaz (Operations Project Management), CMB meets on a monthly basis and consists of representatives from all Research Operations teams as well as Research Advancement stakeholders. CMB members seek to represent their departments in these discussions, as well as to communicate updates and facilitate management of implemented changes within their units.

Are there members of the RA Community on the Change Management Board?

Yes, CMB has several representatives from the RA Community including:

How do I subscribe to receive the Change Management Board Newsletter?

There are two different ways to subscribe:


  1. Go to the Newsletter Signup
  2. Enter your name
  3. Enter your email
  4. Select “Change Management Board Newsletter”
  5. Accept the privacy rules of the site
  6. Hit “Subscribe”
  7. After subscribing, be sure to check your email (including junk or spam folder) for a confirmation email – follow the link provided to confirm your subscription.

If you are a current subscriber, please note that subscribing using this option will not override your current subscription preferences. Instead, it will just add the “Change Management Board Newsletter” to your current subscription preferences.


If you are a current subscriber, you will find a link to change your subscription at the bottom of the Research Operations News email notification:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Select “Change Management Board Newsletter”
  3. Click “Save”

I already subscribe to Research Operations News, why do I need to subscribe to the Change Management Board Newsletter too?

Subscription to the Change Management Board Newsletter is optional. The CMB Newsletter is recommended for members of the RA Community who want to get a first look at upcoming changes and improvements.

Research Operations News is the official method KE Research Operations uses to communicate process changes and improvements that are ready for implementation.

The Change Management Board Newsletter is a monthly feature that highlights improvements and other changes that are in the early stages of discussion, planning and/or review by the CMB. However, these items do not have an immediate impact on the RA Community as they are subject to change and are not ready for implementation.