Communicating with KE Research Operations

EDITED on 5/28/2021 to update RUSH Proposal contacts to Valerie Keim and Amber Martin.

June 15, 2020

KE Research Operations is working on sunsetting Skype for Business as a form of instant message communication, and plans to have all ResearchOps employees off of Skype by the end of summer (end of July/August).

This provides an opportunity to revisit best practices for communicating with Research Operations, particularly as we continue to telework:

  • RUSH Proposals
    • For Urgent proposal matters, please contact Valerie Keim at (480) 965-7874 or Amber Martin at 480-727-4625. Valerie/Amber will confirm that resources and time are dedicated to the needed actions.
  • What is the best way to communicate with my assigned Proposal GCO?
    • RAs should use ‘Notify PNT’ and ‘Forward to PNT’ within ERA to correspond with the assigned Proposal GCO in the system as much as possible (see WI-DP-04 and WI-DP-08)
    • If an RA needs to converse with the Proposal GCO outside of ERA (e.g., to share sensitive information, alert your GCO of an urgent need, or to discuss complexities that cannot reasonably be put into a written message in ERA) please call or IM the assigned Proposal GCO.
      • Phone: GCO phone number is listed in the ERA FP site, and
      • IM: PNT GCO’s can be contacted via Microsoft Teams chat.
    • Again, please communicate within ERA to the maximum extent possible – with the understanding that some situations warrant a phone call or IM.
  • What is the best way to communicate with a Contracts or Subawards GCO regarding a specific ERA Agreements task (incoming or outgoing agreements)?
  • How do I contact PNT or OIRC with general agreement questions, not tied to an existing ERA Agreements task?
  • What is the best way to communicate with AMT?
  • Who should I contact for questions related to After-the-Fact Review Reports?
  • Not sure who to contact?
    • Please reach out to for general guidance on who to contact for requests and inquiries not addressed here, and for questions about RA work instructions, processes, and resources.
      • Standard response time for RA Help inquiries is within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends)
      • if an inquiry needs to be addressed same-day, please send an email to RA Help and then immediately call or IM a member of the RAS Team to advise of urgency
        • Phone: 480-965-9065, Option 0, Option 2


ERA: Enterprise Research Administration system

FP: ERA Funding Proposal

RAS: Research Advancement Services

GCO: Grant + Contract Officer

RA: Research Advancement staff

PNT: Proposals & Negotiations Team

OIRC: Industry Research Collaborations

AMT: Award Management Team