Cost Share Commitments

The Cash Management Team (CMT) has been working to fund Local Cost Sharing Companion Accounts. Through this process, CMT has identified several awards with cost sharing commitments for which the funding sources and dollar breakdown have not been recorded in the ERA Cost Share Tracking Table. CMT has reached out to unit RA’s for assistance with gathering this information.

If contacted, please work with your faculty and other stakeholders to define the commitments and provide your AMT GCO with the information needed to populate the ERA Cost Share Tracking Table. You will need to provide AMT the following information: source account, Cost Center associated with the source account and dollar amount. After the information has been updated in ERA, CMT can complete the Workday journals needed to record the transfer of funds.

For awards with state-funded cost sharing commitments, please work with your Financial Services Accountant to setup a program account for tracking related commitments and expenditures. Additional information can be found on the Research Admin website or by contacting your AMT GCO Service Liaison.

Useful Unit Information

The Cost Share Tracking Table is located within the Funding Award in ERA. Units can view this information in ERA by doing the following:

  1. From the Funding Award in ERA, click on the Printer Version link located on the left side of the screen:

2. Scroll down to section 2.0 Project Information, question 5.0 Does the Award include Cost Sharing?:

Award Cost Sharing Commitments Report
This report refreshes every night and gives users the option to search for award cost share commitments by Lead Unit College, Lead Unit and PI. Users with access to the KED Research Technology Office Dashboards should be able to see this report (click here to learn how to request access).