C&P Reports May Need Manual Adjustments, Updated

10/29/2018, Update:

The C&P Tool has been corrected to include the total anticipated funding amount in the Total Award Amount field of the C&P report. This aligns with the way that award data has historically been presented by the C&P Tool.

For NIH Other Support reports, users will need to continue to adjust the dollar amounts manually in order to comply with sponsor guidelines.


Original Post, 10/25/2018:

The Current & Pending Tool is currently listing the current year obligated amount in the Total Award Amount field (rather than presenting the anticipate total award amount).

Manual adjustments may be needed to the Total Award Amount on C&P reports for certain awards and sponsors. For example:

  • NSF requires that the total award amount for the entire award period be listed (including indirect costs)


  • NIH requires that only the annual direct costs of the project be presented (excluding indirect costs)