C&P Tool Instructions and FAQs Updated

The Current & Pending Tool information page on the researchadmin website has been updated to reflect how the tool currently functions, and to clarify some frequently asked questions.

Summary of updates:

  • The C&P tool can be accessed from the RA Dashboard Quick Links
  • There is an ‘ERA Internal Report’ option
  • For NSF proposals, information from the C&P tool will need to be used to populate the NSF Fillable PDF form downloaded from NSF’s website
  • NSF has not released the schema or coding that ASU developers would need to use in order to update ERA to generate a C&P document that NSF systems will accept
  • The C&P Tool includes up to five project periods for person months effort
  • A table has been provided, outlining where the C&P Tool pulls data from within ERA Proposals and ERA Awards
  • For supplemental funding, any changes to personnel will need to be processed separately using the Award Change Request feature in ERA Awards. (Adding or removing a person on the Revision Funding Proposal-FP will not automatically update the related Award in ERA)
  • For questions or issues related to the ERA C&P Tool, email [email protected]