C&P Tool Update (November 3rd, 2020)

The Current and Pending Tool underwent several changes last night (11/2/2020) when a new patch was released into production. The Person Months column of the report is expanded to include up to five (5) periods of information.

Users will also now be prompted to select how the person months should populate in the report, including options for Current YearAverage Effort, and All Years Effort. While the radio buttons for this selection are now available, the selection is not fully functional yet. Currently, the radio button person months selection does not yet change the way effort is presented in the person month period columns. At this time, the C&P Tool displays all person months available in the system across five periods, no matter which radio button is selected.

Once fully implemented, the effort selection functionality will allow for the different ways that sponsors have been requesting effort information be presented. Full functionality of is expected later this Fall.