C&P Tool Updates (August 10th, 2020)

The Current and Pending Tool in ERA underwent several changes last night (8/10/2020) when a new patch was released into production. 

  • The C&P Tool will now be accessible from the Dashboard under Quick Links in addition to the existing link location under Grants > Reports. 
  • When RAs pull the “New NSF Standard” C&P document, the Proposal/Award Number listed for each proposal will reflect the sponsor proposal/award number rather than the internal FP/AWD number.
  • The Project/Proposal Start and End Dates listed in the “New NSF Standard” C&P document have been updated to the format MM/YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY. 

There are still several known issues with the New NSF Standard format in the ERA C&P tool including the Status of Support radio button is pulling as unselected and the Person-Months Per Year are not yet pulling accurately to the NSF PAPPG guidelines. These issues are being worked on by ERA Development to be released before NSF begins requiring the use of the new current and pending format later in the fall.