C&P Tool Updates (November 2nd, 2021)

The Current and Pending (C&P) Tool will undergo several changes Monday night (11/1/2021) when a new patch is released into production. 

Research Administrators will now be able to search for college names, department names, and Lead Financial Unit (LFU) numbers along with PI search capabilities. RAs will be able to use wildcard signs (%) to search for portions of the department or college name like in other areas of ERA.

The NSF Current & Pending Support form in the C&P tool will now automatically select the radio button for either “Current” or “Pending” based on proposal type.

ERA Internal Report and Other C&P reports will now pull Funding Proposal (FP) numbers associated with the Award (AWD) numbers listed including FP Revisions (REVs) tied to the award. The Award status will now also be included in the downloadable ERA Internal Excel Report.

Person months effort will now be pulled into all Current awards based on the original FP budget. For Awards where an RA has already updated the person months using the Update Person Months activity, the entered person months will remain as entered.