C&P Tool Updates (November 30th, 2020)

The Current and Pending (C&P) Tool underwent several changes Monday night (11/30/2020) when a new patch was released into production. The NSF Current & Pending format now accurately displays the “Total Award Amount”. This format also now lists both Prime and Direct Sponsors as the “Source of Support”.

The “Update Person Month” activity on each Award has been updated to include 5 years of person month data for all personnel added to the Additional Personnel SmartForm in the Funding Proposal (FP) module of ERA. Moving forward, when a new Award is created the person months will pull into this activity from the FP allowing for more accurate data to be initially captured in the C&P Tool. For Awards existing prior to this update, the “Update Person Months” activity will need to be completed manually by the RA in order for this data to display in the C&P Tool.