Custom Worktags Needed for Consortium Member Invoices

Units managing ASU consortia are responsible for preparing and submitting any necessary invoices to Consortium Members. When an invoice is issued to a Consortium Member, the unit/RA needs to request that an “optional Worktag” be created for the specific Consortium Member.



The Consortium Member Worktag is required in order to appropriately identify, track, and assign member payments that are received by the Cash Management Team (CMT). This will allow the funds to immediately be deposited to the grant manager account once received by CMT.

Requesting the Consortium Member Worktag when the unit/RA sends out the consortium invoice allows ample time for the Worktag to be set up prior to arrival of payment. CMT needs the worktags already set up at the time payment is received so that funds can be deposited in a timely manner.



  • Worktags should be set up in a consistent format for search ability. The first part of the reporting name needs to match exactly to find the member.
    • Examples:
      • PSERC
        • Worktag: ENGR-PSERC
      • SENSIP
        • Worktag: ENGR-SENSIP NXP
  • The Consortium Member Worktag will only need to be created once per Consortium Member, not every time an invoice is sent thereafter


To request optional worktags:

  1. In the  Workday search bar enter create request and hit enter:

2. From the search results, click on the Create Request link

3. In the Request Type box, enter optional and hit enter. This will return the option for a “New” optional Worktag or “Modify” an existing one. Select the appropriate one:

4. After selecting the appropriate Request Type, click OK. (Note: To create a new worktag, select ‘Optional Worktag – New’)

5. You will need to enter the following information:

a. Description of the Request

b. College or Department Name and Workday Prefix. Ex. Engineering  PSERC would be ENG-PSERC

c. Reporting Worktag. Select Department Reporting

6. Provide Department Reporting Name (limited to 62 characters). Make sure it is clear what you want the additional worktag to be named and the name is in the following format: Prefix-Name.

7. No attachments required.

8. Hit “submit” to send your request to Financial Services for Approval

Click the link below to open a snapshot of how the information should be entered.

Custom Worktags Needed for Consortium Member Invoices