December Month End Close Scheduled for January 7, 2020

As a reminder, Workday Accounting Journals and Accounting Adjustments that are “in Progress” must be posted or cancelled before the FMS Support Team can close the month. Workday approvers, including ORSPA Grant and Contract Officers as well as unit level accountants, should make it a priority to approve all end-user journals and accounting adjustments that are in proper order (see Workday Month End Close blog post). Units are advised to use the “Find Journals – Pending Accounting Journals” report in Workday to identify accounting journals with pending approvals.

To ensure grant cost transfers are processed in conformance to the 90 Day Cost Transfer Policy, units are advised to initiate cost transfers as soon as possible and verify that journals/adjustments transactions are fully approved prior to month end close. Units can view month end close dates on the FMS Calendar.