Earn Code Changes to ATF Review Reports (Effective July 2021)

It is important that Earn Codes included in After-the-Fact Review (ATF) Reports stay aligned with ASU’s definition of Institutional Base Salary (IBS).  We just completed an alignment process and want to report to you the changes in Earn Codes that are included in ATF reports.  Link to Earn Codes

Earn Codes removed from ATF Reports

  • Additional pay – because it is not part of IBS.
  • Stipend – because it is not part of IBS.
  • Obsolete codes – because they are no longer used.
  • Earn Codes Inadvertently Included – should never have been part of ATF, such as Compassionate Leave, Overtime, Prior Year Overpayment and Supplemental Pay

Earn Codes added to ATF Reports

  • Volunteer Leave (VOL)
  • Volunteer Leave Hourly (VTR)
  • Acting LT HOL. Hours Worked (ALH)
  • Acting Lieutenant (ALT)
  • Acting Sergeant (ASG)
  • Acting SG HOL. Hours Worked (ASH)
  • Bone Marrow Leave (BML)
  • Bone Marrow Leave Hourly (BMY)
  • Payroll Shift Differential (S15)
  • Payroll Shift Differential (S20)
  • Payroll Shift Differential (SD6)

Impact of these changes on ATF Reports

  • Retroactive – The Earn Code changes identified above have been applied retroactively to ATF reports.
  • Earn Codes Removed – Already acknowledged ATF reports do not need to be reacknowledged because of the Earn Code removals.
  • Earn Codes Added — Already acknowledged ATF reports have been reopened and need PI acknowledgement because of these additions to the content of the reports.  (Only 80 reports were affected by this change.)


Contact Shirley Bowles if you have any questions or concerns relating to these changes.