Effort Reporting and After-the-Fact Review Reports

The After-the-Fact Review Report tool which will be used in place of effort certification to meet the compliance requirements of 2 CFR 200.430(i) Standards for Documentation of Personnel Expenses will be launched in January, 2019. Certification is no longer required and the concept of effort is being replaced with a more intuitive, straightforward concept of compensation review.

This report will allow faculty to review all personnel charges for a sponsored award in a single view. After any required redistributions have been processed, the Principal Investigator will access the report and acknowledge that all personnel expenses are correct. This acknowledgement will document compliance with the after-the-fact review requirement of Uniform Guidance.

The initial After-the-Fact Review Report will include all personnel expenses for calendar year 2018. Training outreach and related job aids will be available in the coming weeks.