ERA Budget Modification Delays

The Award Management Team has identified an ERA-to-Workday budget integration issue when processing award modifications. As a result, units will receive an ERA notification that an award modification has been completed but budget changes might not be immediately reflected in Workday.

A process has been implemented to identify and correct all impacted awards until the underlying issue is identified and resolved. Units with impacted awards do not need to take any action at this time.

Unit Considerations

How are affected awards identified?The Workday Grant Administration Team runs an analysis that identifies awards with budget mismatches between ERA and Workday. This analysis is performed every week on Tuesday and Thursday. Units with affected awards do not need to contact their AMT GCO as all affected awards are picked up during the Workday Team’s review.

How are affected awards fixed? Once affected awards are identified, the Workday Grant Administration Team prepares a Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) to update all impacted awards.

How frequently are EIBs being processed? The Workday Grant Administration Team is processing EIBs every week on Tuesday and Thursday.