ERA C&P Tool is Live

The new ERA Current & Pending Tool is officially active and available for use.

The ERA Info and Resources page has been updated to include a Current & Pending Tool page, with guidance and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What is different?

The tool is now within ERA, and should be more stable than the old web tool.

Key differences in how the tool functions, include:

  • The sponsor format (NSF or NIH) is selected at the top (rather than the bottom), and the NSF and NIH formats reflect different dollar amounts and data entry fields.
    • See the C&P info page and FAQ’s for details on NSF vs NIH dollar amounts. Note that NIH-formatted C&P’s may require manual updates to the dollar amounts listed.
  • The tool does not save manual entries within the tool (e.g., person months updates, checked/unchecked projects, NIH Goals, Overlap) – instead, this data should be entered directly in ERA Grants.
    • Activities have been added to ERA Funding Proposal (FP) and ERA Award (AWD) sites to allow users to enter NIH Major Goals. On AWD sites an Update Person Months activity has also been added, allowing users to manually enter effort amounts for each individual on the project. These entries will pull in to populate the C&P Tool.
  • The C&P Tool now presents the Prime Sponsor/Originating Sponsor
  • The old tool only presented two roles: PI or Co-PI. The new tool presents the role that is listed in the FP or AWD (e.g., Post-Doctoral Associate, Other Professional, etc.), to make it easier to determine which projects to include or exclude from a C&P report.

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