ERA Default F&A/ERE Rates

Just A Reminder: ERA will automatically pull the F&A & ERE rates based on the project period start date.

  • Any start date of six months or more into a fiscal year will use the following fiscal year’s rates.
    • For example: For a start date of 8/1/19, the year one rates should be FY2020. The F&A rates tied to FY20 are the highest F&A rates possible under our current rate agreement.
  • All proposals using the research rate, should now default to the 57% for all years


Previously, guidance was published instructing RAs to manually change the fiscal year in order to pull the research F&A rate at 57%   for any proposals due on or after 7/12/2018.  Now that ERA should pull the 57% research F&A rate for all fiscal years, there is no longer a need to manually update the fiscal year on budget SmartForm 1.2.

Please contact or call 480-965-9065 (option 0) with any system questions or concerns.