ERA Grants Portal Upgrade

Update, 10/23/2018

The ERA Grants Portal Upgrade is complete. The Preview & Tour continues to be available a the link below, and can also be accessed in the live version of ERA Grants.


Update, 10/18/2018

A Portal Upgrade Preview & Virtual Tour is now available for users to see and explore the upcoming changes to ERA Grants.

Once the tour is completed, or at any point during the walk-through, users can click an x in the upper righthand corner to exit the tour and click around throughout the Proposals and Awards modules.

This sneak peak is hosted on a training server and does not impact the current system-of-record. Users are free to try various actions without risk of making real changes to funding proposals. etc.

If you have any questions please contact ERA Help at or 5-9065, Option 0.

Preview URL:



Original Post, 10/10/2018:

ERA Grants will receive a significant upgrade on Oct 22nd. There are a lot of under-the-hood improvements, as well as several exciting features that will be visible, including:

  • More modern and updated look in all of Grants. In the coming months, other parts of ERA will get this same update.
  • Space-saving design hides the breadcrumb navigation unless activated by users.
  • Drag and drop files for quick and easy document upload.
  • Searching with “or” as a Boolean operator for a more flexible search.
  • The labels on radio button options are clickable for selection.
  • Better screen reading functionality.

A preview space will be made available early next week (anticipated by October 17th, if not sooner) to allow a sneak peak of everything that’s new before it goes live.

Reminder: ERA will be unavailable starting at 6:00PM on Friday, October 19th, in order for the Portal Upgrade to be launched by Monday, October 22nd.  Please see ERA Outages in October for details.

If you have any questions please contact ERA Help at or 5-9065, Option 0.