ERA Monitoring Subaward Invoice Processing

The Awards Management Team (AMT) has made significant progress in processing subaward invoices. To ensure the RA community can stay informed of the status of subaward invoices, AMT and the Subawards Team have developed a way for units to use ERA Awards to monitor subaward invoices as they move through AMT’s Subaward Process. AMT’s current Subaward Invoice process is as follows:


  1. AMT receives subaward invoice.
  2. The Award Management team ensures the invoice is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the subaward.
  3. In the event of any issues with the invoice, AMT will work directly with the Subrecipient to correct the invoice.
  4. Once reviewed, AMT will send the subaward invoice to the PI for approval.
  5. Once PI approval is received, AMT will send the subaward invoice to Accounts Payable to be entered into Workday for payment.


As a reminder, AMT does not issue payments. Questions related to subaward invoice payment after the invoice has been sent to AP by AMT will need to be directed to accounts payable.

Using ERA to Monitor Subaward Invoice Processing

1) Visit and sign into ERA.

2) You will need to click the “Grants” tab, and then the “Awards” tab


3) In the Awards module, search for your award. (Tip: Search ALL by Award ID beginning with the percent sign ‘%’ and then the last 5 numbers of the AWD#. See example below. You can also search by PI, Sponsor, etc. using ‘Filter by’ or the Advanced search.)

4) Click on AWD link under ID to navigate to the specific project’s Funding Award site.

5) On the Funding Award site click on the “Subawards” tab.

6) The Subawards tab lists any sub-recipients that have been executed under the Funding Award. To check the status of subaward invoices, click on the ASU Subaward Contract # link associated with the sub-recipient. For example we will use “University of Arizona”.

7) The Subaward space contains a history of invoicing and other actions taken on the sub-recipient.

8) If you need to identify the status of a specific invoice, it can be found by clicking the “Invoices” tab. This page lists every invoice associated with the sub-recipient. You can sort invoices by “Date on Invoice” to show most recent first.

9) The “Comments” column will give you information of the invoice’s current status. As a reminder, AMT does not process invoice payment. For that reason, the last activity AMT can take on a subaward invoice is to send to Accounts Payable for If the invoice you are looking for is not listed in the invoice tab, please email your team’s assigned Service Liaison and request a status update. **It should also be noted that if a Sub Invoice shows as “Sent to AP”, the next step will be looking for the status via Workday or Accounts Payable at

Questions & Answers:

My project has a subaward (or multiple subawards), but there are none listed on the Subawards tab of my Funding Award site. Where can I check on the status?Answer: This is an indication that the Sub-recipient has not yet been set up by AMT.  To identify which AMT representative to contact, please see below.

 NEW AWARDS (NO SUB VISIBLE)- Contact the Award Set-up GCO


 Click HERE for an AMT Structure Diagram found on the Research Operations News feed.

2. How can I identify my AMT Customer Service Liaison?

Answer: In the ERA Funding Award site, the AMT Customer Service Liaison is listed as the AMT GCO. The Customer Service Liaison can also be looked up using the Who Can Help Me? tool on the researchadmin website.

3. How do I contact Accounts Payable?

Answer: All inquiries regarding Accounts Payable can be sent to