ERA Organization Request Update

12/10/2021 – this news post has been updated with a link to the new ERA External Organization Request page on the researchadmin website.

12/2/2021 – The ERA Organization Request form is being updated to require responses to the following questions/fields on the form:

  • Is this a private individual?
  • Company Category (will be re-labeled as Entity Category)
  • Sponsor Group (will be re-labeled as Entity Group)

Help Text has been added to the form to assist users in completing all fields. Definitions of the Entity Group options have been posted HERE, and will soon be incorporated into the ERA Sitelet on the researchadmin webpage.


For instructions on how to initiate an organization request when a new sponsor, subaward institution, or other entity needs to be added in ERA, see ERA External Organization Request.

Note: If you have a rush request for a proposal due within less than three business days, please be sure to indicate this in question #1 of the Organization Request smartform by selecting ‘Yes’ in the “Is this a RUSH request?” field and (once you have submitted the request in ERA) immediately email the KE Analytics team at [email protected] to notify the team that you have submitted a rush request.