ERA Proposal Data Standardization

Information captured in each ERA Funding Proposal (FP) site is used by leadership and stakeholders across the University.

For example, Knowledge Enterprise (KE) and individual units collect information about what proposals are being submitted and funded, monitoring success rates and areas for growth. 

Accuracy of ERA FP data is also critical for the process of setting up newly funded awards in ERA and Workday.

In an effort to standardize FP data, the ERA Funding Proposal Guide, and help text within the ERA Proposals module, have been updated to include the following guidance.

Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) data

When completing FP 1.4.2 Funding Opportunity Announcement ( Submission)

  • FOA information data entry is being standardized to the following:
    • For Federal Sponsor (or Federal Sponsors as Prime)
      • Enter the FOA number as printed on the solicitation
      • Enter the title as printed on the solicitation
        • If there is an acronym that is commonly used, add it in parenthesis after the full title
      • Note: System-to-System (S2S) proposals present the FOA data slightly differently, which is fine. These new standards for Federal FOA information will ensure consistent entry of data for non-S2S proposals.
    • For Non-Federal Sponsors without a solicitation number
      • Enter the funding opportunity name or program title as both the FOA number and title
        • If there is an acronym that is commonly used, add it in parenthesis after the full title
    • When to use “No FOA”
      • No FOA” should only be used when there is truly no solicitation

FOA Data Entry Examples

Sponsor Name data

If/when known, the specific subagency of the sponsor should be listed on FP 1.1 Proposal Description & Contacts, Question 6.0. This facilitates accurate award setup and cash management draw-downs from the applicable sponsor subagency.