ERA Proposal Module Updates: Department Review Info Tab, Resubmission Button, and More

On Tuesday, 3/19/2019, the following updates are scheduled to go into ERA:

  • Dept. Review Info Tab Displays Strategic Program Initiative and ASU Core Facilities Information.
    The Dept Review Info Tab in ERA Proposals will now show whether or not a Strategic Program Initiative was selected within the Funding Proposal (FP), and whether or not one of the ASU Core Facilities has been identified for the proposal and/or project.
  • Restored Ability for RAs to ‘Create New Resubmission.’
    The ‘Create New Resubmission’ button was temporarily unavailable, but has now been restored. The button will once again be available from FPs that are in the ‘Declined for Funding’ state.
  • RAs Receive F&A Waiver Emails.
    The RA Contact will now receive an email notification when a reviewer runs the ‘F&A Waiver Reviewer Requests Changes’ activity, and will also recieve an email notification when an F&A Waiver is complete (i.e., when the OKED Reviewer approves the waiver).
  • Updated RA Contact on Obligated Project Period Ended Email.
    The RA name listed in Obligated Project Period Ended emails will now match the RA that receives the email.