ERA Subaward Budget Import Fixed & Enhanced

The ERA Subaward Budget Import feature within the Subaward/Subcontract budget smartforms is now working! It is no longer be necessary to import subaward budgets directly in the ERA SF424 space.

AND the import feature can now be used for ALL proposals with subawards, not just System-to-System (S2S) submissions.

Whether submitting S2S or via other methods, it is important to use the specific version of the form provided below.

What does the Subaward Budget Import feature do? – The Subaward Import pulls the sub-recipient’s budget data into the Subaward/Subcontract budget smartforms and incorporates the subaward total into the sponsor budget summary in the ERA Funding Proposal (FP). For S2S submissions, if the SF424 forms are fully supported AND mapped (e.g., standard NIH submissions), the Subaward Budget Import will also pull the subaward budget data into the SF424.

Note: Other versions of the Subaward Budget form, even if they are ‘Forms E’ versions, may not work with the Subaward Budget Import function so it is recommended that RAs download the specific FormsE subaward budget below and send it to sub-recipients for completion.

For questions, contact ERA Help at or 5.9065, Option 0.

R&R Subaward Budget Forms E