ERA System-to-System PDF

Did you know that when ERA is used to gather a PDF of a system-to-system (S2S) proposal, the PDF documents generated are not sent to the sponsor?

The PDF is a print version of what is contained in the ERA SF424 module, which allows for an easier review of the information input in ERA and an easy way to keep records of the fully submitted proposal.

ERA actually submits xml code to when using the S2S feature. Once the code is received by, it is translated into another print version for the sponsor. Recently, some users have noticed that the ERA PDF print version is organized differently than in the past. Although the ERA PDF may look different, it will not impact the information transmitted to the sponsors through

If you would like to check a submission received by, you can use the “track my applications” feature under applicant tools available on To check an application, you will need the tracking number, which is located in ERA on the history section of the main FP page or on the first page within the SF424 module.

Contact if you are experiencing any difficulties with ERA.