ERA Update: Stimulus Funding Question

Update, 4/23/2020: Workaround to answer the COVID-10 Stimulus for FP in Department Review.

The recent ERA update that added the COVID-19 Stimulus Funding question may cause the proposal to get “stuck” in Department Reviews. If the proposal is in Department Review and not allowing you to push it forward for PNT Review because of the COVID-19 Stimulus Funding question being unanswered, please follow the below steps.

  1. Cancel Department Review
  2. Go into the FP workspace and answer the COVID-19 Stimulus Funding question
  3. Generate Department Reviewers
  4. Submit for Department Review and be sure to mark those who have already approved for deletion. Note that the investigators will always need to approve and cannot be marked for deletion

Original (Edited) News Post, 4/21/2020: ERA has been updated to include a question related to COVID-19 stimulus funding.

EDIT: This news post has been corrected to indicate that NSF RAPID proposals in response to the NSF COVID-19 DCLs are stimulus funding – and should be marked “Yes”. The stimulus FOA examples have also been removed to avoid confusion – as they were limited submission opportunities, and an additional Q&A has been added to point to additional stimulus funding information on the KE Research Development blog.

A new question has been added within the Funding Proposal (FP) SmartForms, located in section 2.3 Program Classification Question 1.0 Identify a Special Program. Similar questions have also been added in ERA Agreements and ERA Awards (at both the AWD level and account level).

The new question will allow ASU to track sponsored activity connected to COVID-19 stimulus funding.

Please check “Yes” for COVID-19 Stimulus if the funding opportunity is tied to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, or a similar emergency funding program. Applicable programs are those that appropriate funds for the purpose of stimulating the economy to offset the impact of COVID-19. Stimulus funding programs could be from both federal and non-federal sponsors.

Questions & Answers

Question 1 – I am working on an NSF RAPID proposal in response to one of NSF’s COVID-19 Dear Colleague Letters (DCLs), should I select “Yes” to the COVID-19 Stimulus question?

Answer – Yes. The NSF COVID-19 DCLs are directly tied to the CARES Act, with funding coming from the $75M that NSF received.

Question 2 – My sponsor is allowing us to use existing award funds in more *flexible ways, should “Yes” be selected for the COVID-19 Stimulus question on my award or agreement in ERA?

*e.g., carry-forward funds that are typically restricted are currently not restricted, funds are being used to cover salaries for staff who are unable to work on the project due to COVID-19, etc. – see Reducing the Impact of COVID-19 on ASU Research Activities

 Answer – . No. Currently, only proposals, agreements, awards/accounts resulting specifically from a stimulus funding program should be marked “Yes” for COVID-19 Stimulus.

Question 3 – Where can I learn more about Stimulus Funding?

Answer – KE Research Development has provided information and updates on the blog: