ERA Updates 06/15/2020

The following updates have been made in the ERA system:

1.Account IDs in ERA Awards nowmatch Workday, e.g. ACC00012345 became GR12345. All new Accounts, links, and notifications will now display the same Account ID as Workday.

2. The C&P Tool has been updated to:

  • Pull awards into the tool for any named personnel (previously, the tool was excluding awards if/when the individual was listed with certain roles, e.g., ‘Other’ or ‘Internal PI’)
  • Removed the Investigator ASURITE & department name from the generated output.

Reminder: In order to add or update person months for an awarded project on a C&P report, RAs must use the Update Person Months activity found on each ERA Award site.

3. On Funding Proposal SmartForm 2.3 questions 3 and 4, the term ‘Environmental lab’ has been changed to ‘(Environmental, Elemental, and Isotope Lab)’ 

4. The Generate Budget Justification Activity was previously only enabled when personnel costs and an F&A rate greater than 0% were present. The budget justification activity should now be functional when a detailed Funding Proposal Budget includes one or more cost in Personnel, Travel, or Other Direct charges.

5. Added an Email notification sent to PI when PI approval is required to process for AMT-initiated award modifications.