ERA Updates: ‘My Inbox’

ERA updates listed below will be effective on September 3, 2019

Updated Tabs in Proposals

The ‘My Inbox’ tab (for all users in Grants) will now only show proposals that are waiting for the logged-in user’s action or approval. A ‘My Proposals’ tab has been added. The ‘My Proposals’ tab will show proposals that include the user as a contact.

Dashboards for Research Administrators Updated

In preparation for the future roll-out of award change requests in ERA Awards (to eventually replace the ORSPA Action Form – OAF), the Research Administrator personal page was updated with two new tabs: ‘My Modifications’ showing Award Mods with the user as RA Owner and ‘All Modifications’ showing all states regardless of RA Owner.

Units are advised to continue using My Items in ORSPA or Tableau to monitor the progress of pending award modifications. Currently, the Award Management Team (AMT) will continue to manage Award Modifications outside of ERA. As such, the RA Dashboard in ERA may not yet accurately reflect all pending award modifications.