ERA Who Can Help Me? Tool for RA’s

An enhanced version of the Who Can Help Me? tool is available in ERA and can be used to identify RA contacts, AMT Customer Service Liaison, FP approvers, cost share approvers, and unit heads.

The pre-existing Who Can Help Me? tool on the researchadmin website will continue to be available, as a publicly visible place for investigators and external collaborators to identify RA contacts and the AMT liaison.

To find the Who Can Help Me? tool in ERA, click on  Grants and then Reports >  RAS Reports > Who Can Help Me?.

To use the ERA version of the tool, enter the unit name, or a portion of the name, in the “Enter a name:” field and select the View Report button to generate a table of contact names for this unit. Make sure to use the ERA wildcard (%) before and after the name if using a portion of the unit name to populate all units that include that phrase.