FMS Updates – Financial Management System Reports

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To view a PDF version of the Financial Management System Reports Update click here.

The FMS Team consulted with an end-user focus group to redesign the Department Reports Worklet.  New reports have been added to the Department Reports Worklet and some reports are scheduled to be removed on 12/07/2018.  Below are links to the list of all the reports in the Department Reports Worklet and each report’s disposition.  All reports scheduled to be removed from the Department Reports Worklet may be added to your Favorites Worklet.

The Department Reports – New Worklet will be deleted on 12/07/2018. Some of the reports in the Department Reports – New Worklet have been copied to the Department Reports Worklet. Any report not copied to the Department Reports Worklet may be added to your Favorites Worklet.

Instructions to add reports to your Favorites Worklet are provided in the Reporting Tips section included in this document.

Updated Department Reports Worklet (link)

Reports Deleted from Department Reports Worklet (link)available to add to Favorites Worklet 


Favorite Your Reports:

Save your frequently used reports to your Favorites worklet. Follow these steps to add a report as a favorite:

  1. From the homepage, click the cloud icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. In the drop-down list, click
  3. The Favorite Reports and Tasks page displays. Click Manage Favorites.
  4. The Manage Favorites page displays. Click the prompt to the right of Favorite Tasks/Reports.
  5. The search box will open. Type the report name you wish to add to your favorite and press
  6. Check the box next to the desired report.
  7. Click


Save Report Filters:

Many reports let you save your initial search filters. You will find that option at the bottom of the report entry screen.

Reports Tools

 Depending on the report and your access, you have a number of viewing and filtering tools at your disposal.  They’re the icons located to the top right of your report.

Export to Excel – Use this option to easily extract and manipulate your data.

View Printable Version – Use this option to produce a ready-to-print report.

Filter Data – Use this option to quickly filer or sort a report for the information you need.  Click on the funnel icon or click the column header you want to filter and choose from a range of options like alpha and date.

Toggle full screen viewing mode.

Who Supports the Reports?

  • The FMS Team reviews, tests, and updates reports. Reports are updated regularly with any new changes to Workday’s data structures.
  • Service Now Tickets can be submitted for report issues and suggestions.


Report Workshops:

We are offering updated reporting workshop that will cover the changes to the Department Reports worklet. Anyone wishing to attend the workshops must register for the class via ASU GoSignMeUp. Classes start November 27th.