FMS Updates – Principal Investigator Dashboards, Supplier Invoices and Concur/FMS Integration

Cross-posting FMS Announcements 02/01/2019


Announcing the Principal Investigator Reports Dashboard
A Principal Investigator Reports Dashboard has been created that allows Principal Investigators to run financial reports in the FMS to obtain financial reports on Awards and Grants assigned to them. Included in this report is the ASU – Academic Employee Report that will allow principal investigators to run a financial report for their Research Incentive Investigator (RID), Investigator Incentive (IIA) and Start Up Programs. Please refer to the Principal Investigator Reports FAQs available here.

Academic Employee Report
When setting up a new RID, IIA or Start Up Program for an individual faculty member remember to always request that the Academic Employee Worktag be set up as a related worktag. The Academic Employee Worktag allows us to create the Academic Employee Report by an Academic Employee Worktag and create one financial report for a faculty member that includes their RID, IIA and Start Up Programs. In order for the Academic Employee Report to return correct results, the Academic Employee worktag must be associated with the Program at the time the Program is set up. If the Academic Employee Report was not set up at the time the Program was requested, please contact your Financial Services or KED accountant.

Supplier Invoices (against purchase orders) Received by ASU Departments
If your department receives a supplier invoice directly from a supplier which is to be paid against a purchase order, please email the invoice to and ensure that the Purchase Order Number and Purchase Order Line Number is referenced on the invoice. You do not need to provide any additional information to Accounts Payable.

Accounts Payable does not need to be notified when a Receipt is entered.

If there are additional questions, please contact Jessica Johnson or Lily Tram.

Concur and FMS Integration
To learn more about the Concur FMS Integration please review the Concur and FMS Integration file available here. A copy may also be found in the FMS Work Instruction Worklet under the Functional Area of Expenses.