Follow-Up To RA Seminar: ERA Award Change Requests At The Six-Month Mark

The video recording the presentation slides for yesterday’s RA Seminar, ERA Award Change Requests At The Six-Month Mark, are now available in Research Academy.

As discussed in the seminar, we have created a survey to help us collect feedback from the RA community regarding potential enhancements to the Investigator Allocation Change SmartForm in ERA. If you are interested in providing feedback, please complete the survey available here before COB on Tuesday August 11, 2020. After August 11, 2020, you can send your requests for ERA enhancements to

Lastly, to review the post seminar questions/answers that we discussed, please see information below:

General Questions

When AMT is completing the “AMT Review” SmartForm for an award modification in ERA, the last required question on the form asks AMT to confirm carryforward (see screenshot and help text below):

For full-size view click directly on the image.

If the carryforward requires prior sponsor approval, upon execution of the award modification, this information will be reflected under the Award’s SmartForm 4.0 “Terms and Conditions.” Please note the Terms and Conditions SmartForm is currently undergoing an ERA enhancement and RAs are advised that the best resource to verify this information will always be the NOA WC.

ERA Award Change Request Post-Seminar Questions

The Award Change Request GCO Processing Notes can provide RAs with the most recent status update for their request. If you have questions regarding a pending  Award Change Request, please review the processing notes in ERA before reaching out to the assigned AMT GCO.

To access the GCO Processing Notes:

  1. From the Award Change Request Workspace, click on "View Award Modification."
  2. From the drop-down menu, select "AMT Review."
  3. From within the AMT Review SmartForm, scroll down to Field 2.0 "GCO Modification Processing Notes."

You can also view a 10-second video demo available here.
When processing Investigator Allocation Changes in ERA, users are not able to delete or override existing allocation data. If you need to remove a PI's center allocation you would need to:

  1. Create new allocation period.
  2. Update the Start and End Dates for both allocation periods.
  3. Create a new allocation row for the PI whose allocation you are trying to update.
  4. Leave the current allocation period untouched.
  5. Under the new allocation period, update the PI's center allocation row to zero.
  6. Under the new allocation period, update the PI's new allocation row (the one without the center) as appropriate.

You can also view a 2-minute video demo available here.
Units who receive an Award Modification directly from the sponsor should initiate an Award Change Request in ERA and upload all the relevant documentation provided by the sponsor.

General ERA Questions

Yes. There's currently an request to the ERA team to update the ERA Budget Justification Template to remove the language regarding the mandatory 3% escalation and to capture the new date for our rate agreement. We do not have an exact date as to when RAs will be able to see the changes in ERA production but we will notify the RA community via the RA Blog as we get more information.
The ERA Unit Administrator Role allows RAs to manage changes to their unit information in ERA. With this new role, you can review/update your unit’s information including:

• Workday Cost Center

• FP & Cost-Share Approvers

• Unit Contact Information (Pre-, post- and ATF Reporting)

To request the role, send an email request to and provide the unit for which you are requesting the role. Once the role is granted, you will receive a user guide to help you navigate the Master Store in ERA.