Forecasting Tool Available Now

The KE Forecasting Tool (FT) is now live!

The Forecasting Tool (FT) has been developed for use by unit staff to accurately project the availability of funding on grant, program, and gift accounts as well as be able to save the calculations for later reference.  Capabilities of the FT include:

  • Provides Summary Budget vs Actuals and Forecast for all accounts
  • Provides Detailed Budget vs Actuals by ledger account
  • Current employees can be forecasted using their exact pay and ERE rates pulled by the tool
  • Automatically updates F&A, ERE, and tuition rates based on forecast dates 
  • ERE and Tuition is automatically calculated in an employee forecast 
  • Detects over-allocations 
  • Automatically creates PI-friendly workbook and email to PI with illustrative graph

Instructions for Access, a Training GuideTraining Webinars, and a list of FT Departmental Liaisons have been posted to

The Systems Access page on the researchadmin website has also been updated, with a description of the FT and a link to the Instructions for Access

For any questions that are not answered by the provided training resources, users should contact a FT Departmental Liaison in their area/college.  

To become a FT Departmental Liaison for your area/unit, contact  

Note: While the FT is a recommended tool for financial planning, Workday remains ASU’s official system of record for financial transactions. Additionally, use of the FT does not replace the monthly audit readiness reconciliation tool that is currently available in Workday.