French Toast Fridays: A Post-Award Gathering Place Hosted by Fiscal Oversight AD

Starting Friday July 31st, Fiscal Oversight Assistant Director Sarah Kern, will be hosting weekly* “French Toast Fridays” from 9am to 10am (previously at 8am) via the zoom meeting space below. Bring your breakfast, your favorite morning drink of choice, and your questions/discussion topics related to Workday, F&A, reporting, financial compliance, etc., and join me for a casual sit-down among friends. Feel free to drop in and out as desired, no rsvp needed.  

Worst case scenario, you’ll have the opportunity to watch me eat breakfast (and maybe hear some baby coos in the background). Best case scenario, you’ll have regular access to a positive and helpful conversation between me and your post-award colleagues.   

P.S. Don’t let a busy/noisy household prevent you from coming – pet, children, dishwasher, partner, and lawnmower background noises are welcome.  

  • Meeting ID: 998 6241 3898
  • Phone: (602) 753-0140 
  • Note: When you enter, you will be initially placed in a waiting room upon which time I’ll grant you access to the conversation.

*While this event is planned to recur every week, some sessions might need to be canceled to accommodate ASU Holidays, staff availability, etc. Please make sure to turn on notifications for the Post-Award Channel on the RA Community Microsoft Teams site for the most up-to-date information. For more information on the RA Community MS Teams site, including how to get access, click here.