Updated FY18 Payroll Redistribution Instructions

8/17/2018 – Instructions have been updated with the launch of a new Payroll Redistribution Request form on RA SharePoint.

Payroll Redistributions for FY18 will need to follow a different process as these cannot be initiated in PeopleSoft. Instead, units will need to 1) secure prior approval from the Fiscal Oversight Team – FOT and 2) create an Accounting Journal in Workday.

Securing Prior Approval from FOT

  1. From the RA SharePoint, click on the Payroll Redistribution Request
  2. To open the form, click on the +New button located on the upper left side of the screen: 
  3. Fill out all the required fields.
  4. Attach:  System Generated Report including Fiscal Year, Pay Period End Date, Empl ID, Name, Position Number, Earn Code, From Account and Amount of original distribution. (The Payroll Reconciliation Dashboard provides all this information. If an RA does not have access to this dashboard, they should work with their unit’s HR representative to either provide the report or to process the request.)
  5. Hit Submit
  6. If the SharePoint form is returned for more information, the RA will need to start a new form to continue the redistribution.
  7. Once the form has moved through the approval process (approval of the grant manger/account signer, ORSPA, and the PI) an Accounting Journal may be entered in Workday.

Accounting Journal in Workday

  1. Please refer to the Department Level “Financial Accounting” module in Blackboard for Work Instructions on how to initiate an Accounting Journal in Workday.
  2. Attach a PDF package as backup documentation to the Accounting Journal including the following:
    1. PDF copy of completed and approved SharePoint Payroll Redistribution Request
    2. System Generated Report (see specifications above)
  3. Accounting Journals in Workday will route to the Award Management Team (AMT) for approval when grants are involved.

As a reminder, changes cannot be made to backup documentation once the approval has started in Workday. Accounting Journals for FY18 Payroll Redistributions that do not have the required documentation will be returned to the initiator.