FY21 Tuition Remission Rates

In early August, ERA will be updated with the FY21 Tuition Remission Rates. The target date for implementation of the new rates is August 7, 2020.

Note: While the FY21 tuition remission rate is the same as the rate used for FY20, ERA is currently using the FY20 rate + 8% escalation. This is being updated in the system.

For planning purposes, below is the anticipated timeline:

  • August 7: The FY 21 tuition remission effective date should be available to select in ERA.
  • August 24: Any proposals submitted on or after August 24, 2020 must use the FY21 tuition remission rates effective date

The Other Direct Costs page and budget worksheet will also be revised to include the current information.

Please contact ERA@asu.edu with any questions about the timeline.